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Armored BMW 7 series BMW
The BMW 760Li High Security is a vehicle designed to meet the highest protection standards. The stretch sedan fulfils the armouring requirements of ballistic level B6/B7 and offers the outstanding comfort of the standard series model. Special materials in the chassis, an armoured underbody and the use of shatterproof glass provide complete protection for all occupants. The windscreen also serves as an exit in the event of an emergency and can simply be pushed outwards. Many additional security features make the Sedan a safe and exclusive premium-class automobile. In short, the BMW 760Li High Security offers maximum protection, and it is available in both left-hand and right-hand drive versions.
Balistic Glass 
1. Bullet-resistant laminated Security glazing.
Ballistic protection in transparent areas is provided by multi-layer laminated security glazing with an internal polycarbonate layer. The function of the internal polycarbonate layer is to protect the passengers against glass fragments inside the vehicle.

2. Armouring in non-transparent areas.
The requirement of protection level B7 are satisfied by the use of special armour steel. This armouring is integrated into the body structure of the High Security vehicle directly at the start of production in such a way that even the smallest of gaps and overlaps, which subsequently cannot be accessed, are effectively protected. FDIG goes a step further: On top of protection level B7, a special fibre-reinforced material is used as an additional measure against special armour-piercing ammunition. This material prevent fragments and secondary projectiles from entering the passenger compartment.

3. Under-body protection.
The standard under-body protection protects the passengers by preventing grenade fragments from entering the passenger cell.

BMW 7 Armored interior Armored X5 Interior Armored X5 Interior

Run-flat tyres.
In the event of a sudden loss of tyre pressure, the standard run-flat tyres with support rings (Michelin PAX system) allow the driver to continue driving the car at up to 80km/h for a further distance of approximately 50km


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