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Arms & Ammunition
Armoured 4 x 4's
Ballistic Vest Models
Cowboy Guns
Demining Equipment
Riot Equipment
Armoured 4 x 4's
Western Guns

Executive Protection Services - Private Investigations Background & Assets

African Safari's
AA 302 Undercover vest Nato Vest AA304 Swat Vests
Bulletproof Vests          &      NATO Vest AA304      SWAT Vests & Tactical Equipment
Interceptor vests Pasgt vest Navy Vests Ranger vests
Interceptor Vests             PASGT Vest            Navy Flack Vest             Ranger Vests

AGM-130 50 Cal Sniper weapons & Systems

Ballistic & Ceramic Tiles    Tactical Ballistic Missiles   Whilst Invisable I see and Destroy

EOD Bomb Suits  Threat Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet
EOD Bomb Suits - Equipment & Blankets
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